Welcome To Mzima Property Solutions

Mzima Property Solutions is a real estate investment company dedicated to restoring distressed homes to move-in ready condition for home buyers. We are dedicated to producing high quality restorations through our professional team of contractors, realtors, lenders and other real estate professionals. Our houses are a blank canvas for the new homeowner to make into a home.

Home Buyers

Our homes offer exceptional attention to detail and quality. Most remodels include granite countertops, new appliances, new flooring, new plumbing fixtures and fresh paint both inside and outside.


Mzima Property Solutions also offers high yield investments to investors. Investment options include joint ventures and high interest loans. Interest rates and points are negotiable.

Home Sellers

For property owners needing to get rid of their property fast, Mzima Property Solutions pays cash for homes, and the team can assist the homeowner with moving expenses and getting a new home if required.

About Mzima Springs

Mzima Springs bubbles out of the ground in the desert of West Tsavo National Park in Kenya, East Africa from fours springs, one of which is shown in the background photo for this site.
The flow rate is a steady 50 million gallons per day. The crystal clear water flows through a series of pools and rapids until it disappears underground again about 1.5 miles downstream.
The word Mzima is a Swahili word meaning "alive". Mzima Springs supports several herds of hippos along with crocodiles, fish, and numerous other animals.
The background picture was taken by and used with permission from Marden Phelps.
To see Marden's other pictures of the beauty of Mzima Springs, please visit Worldisround